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ANG Power Systems is a qualified manufacturer of international advanced marine power systems.

As a leading manufacturer of electrical solutions for marine industry, ANG Power System specializes in the production of  shore power converters, isolation boost transformers, automatic voltage regulators & stabilizers, transformers, marine adapters, shore cables, any dockside connection: plugs, connectors, receptacles, inlets, Smart-Y, Splitters, pigtail adapters, cable sets etc..

With a dedication to delivering the most advanced, reliable, and accurate marine power systems, ANG’s products use state-of -art components, resulting in a smaller and lighter footprint the competing products. Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, FL “The Yacht Capital Of The World”, our expert technical staff is always available to offer innovative and reliable solutions to meet your yacht’s power needs.

Worldwide Marine Power Systems


3200 S. Andrews Ave, Suite 207
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316



LMC • Lauderdale Marine Center
2005 SW 20th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

ANG Shore Power Systems are manufactured by a consolidated Italian/American group operating in the electronic, military, naval, electromechanical and automotive sectors.

We offer innovative and reliable solutions for the sectors for which it operates. Leader in the electronic market, it is able to carry analysis, production and supply of many power systems. We are a company looking towards the future, supplying high quality products through a qualified staff, technological know-how, and productive and organizational skills.

Our technical staff is extremely qualified, being able to provide optimal solutions to satisfy our customers.

All A.N.G. products are developed by expert technicians and engineers to fulfill the highest accuracy and reliability standards. Our technical staff is always available for free consultation and free inspection to recommend the best solution. Assistance and technical support are always guaranteed.