ANG Dock Connections™


D o c k s i d e   M a r i n e  P o w e r  S p l i t t e r

If the boat has twin 50A shore power connections, our ANG Splitter will allow to safely connect the boat’s two 50Amp 120/240V shore power cords to a single 100Amp 120/240V dock pedestal receptacle. ANG Splitter is housed in an IP56 rated fiberglass enclosure, capable of  withstanding harsh marine of environments.

In fiberglass enclosure IP56, allow to split a 100A connected input cable in two 50A output cables.


INPUT ONE 100A 120/240V or 0/230V Single Phase 60/50 Hz

OUTPUT TWO 50A 120/240V or 0/230V Single Phase 60/50Hz