ANG ISO-Boost Transformers™ Evolution

Same exceptional features in a lighter version, smaller dimensions, and updated display panel.

The perfect replacement for your old Charles iso-boost Transformer

If you’re looking for a way to keep your yacht’s onboard equipment running smoothly, the ANG Isolation Boost Transformer (ISO-BOOST™) is perfect for you. Featuring an isolation transformer with a boost voltage increase circuit, it is designed to provide the correct line voltage automatically to your yacht’s electrical system, offering complete safety and protection from damage due to excessive voltage increases and unexpected shutdowns because of voltage drops.

The perfect replacement for Charles Iso-Boost Transformers, ANG ISO-BOOST™ Transformers are lighter, include more features as standard, are available in seven (7) models, and come equipped with toroidal transformers. Compared to traditional laminated transformers, a toroidal transformer offers many benefits including higher efficiency, a more compact size, lower operating temperatures and silent operation (no vibration or hum).


Moreover, ANG ISO-BOOST™ transformer is lighter than the Charles Iso-Boost and is available in seven (7) models, all equipped with Toroidal Transformer, the new generation and the best quality transformer on the market.

In addition, ANG ISO-BOOST™ has three steps (two steps up 15% and 7.5%) while Charles Iso-Boost only had two steps (one step up 15%); the ANG ISO-BOOST™ steps are adjustable, a feature not available for Charles isolation transformer.

Our Marine Isolation Boost Transformers (IsoBoost) provide the correct voltage to the onboard equipment as well as preventing turning off in the event of a sudden voltage drop or damage in case of excessive increase (within a given range).

Our Marine Iso-Boost Transformers ensure the protection of all the marine electrical equipment.

The output voltage is boosted if the supplied voltage is too low.




ANG ISO-BOOST™ has the static system with Seamless technology, the soft start, auto-restart and by-pass systems as standard features, while for the Charles Iso-Boost these were all optional.

ANG ISO-Boost™ competitors comparison chart

Also available in European version:
ANG ISO-Boost 9 Kva & 18 Kva with the same features of the US version, but suitable for European boats.


ANG 25kW ISO-BOOST, I could not be happier!

PSA, I had posted a few weeks ago about Charles ISO Boost repair or replacement.  Well we found out Charles does not service these anymore as they are no longer in the marine business.  After an exhaustive search it boiled down for me between Hubbell, ASEA, and ANG Power Systems. For various reasons I picked the ANG 12.5KW unit. Just finished installing it and I could not be happier!  Well made and ready to go.  I happened to be in Florida so I picked mine up in person in Ft Lauderdale. They were super friendly, demonstrated the unit, then we talked through the wiring.  If you’re looking to replace your unit and want that on board automatic boosting I highly recommend this one.   208.6V input from my shore pedestal and 239V at my AC panel.

Applications & Features

ANG ISO-BOOST™ is CE and ISO 9001 certified, it is manufactured with UL CERTIFIED components and complies with ABYC E-11 Standards.


SEAMLESS SYSTEM: ANG ISO-BOOST™ is provided with SEAMLESS transfer system in order to avoid power interruption during the switching. The system automatically chooses the optimal point of switching without loss of power.

ANG ISO-BOOST 2x25kW installed on a Sanlorenzo Yachts SX88


OVERLOAD ENDURANCE: ANG ISO-BOOST™ is designed to withstand 30% overload for at least one hour.

ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: ANG ISO-BOOST™ is provided with a protective shield. The shore grounding conductor is connected to a shield between primary (shore) and secondary (boat) transformer windings. This shield assures isolation on the boat for electrical protection.

BY-PASS SYSTEM: ANG ISO-BOOST™ is provided with manual By-Pass system that allow to manually disconnect the Boost mode in case of breakdown and supply power from the shore. The by-pass system guarantees the isolation protection on the boat.

SOFT START SYSTEM: ANG ISO-BOOST™ is provided with Soft Start System that assures the minimal current in-rush during the power up of the system.

FULL OUTPUT POWER GUARANTEED: ANG ISO-BOOST™ ensures full output power even in boost mode. The output voltage is always stable.

AUTOMATIC THERMAL PROTECTION: ANG ISO-BOOST™ is provided with a thermal protection that automatically shuts down the system until the temperature returns to a normal level. The unit will automatically restart when the temperature returns to a safe operating level.

AUTO-RESTART: ANG ISO-BOOST™ automatically restart after high voltage, low voltage, blackout, and overload. ANG ISO-BOOST™ is equipped with very low peak transformers.

The ANG ISO-BOOST™ is provided with cooling fan system.

STATIC SYSTEM: the static switch doesn’t need any maintenance, the only required maintenance is the filter cleaning.

ANG ISO-BOOST™ increases the output voltage in two steps up: 15% (1st step) and 7.5% (2nd step).

1st Step: from 175V to 209V + 15%
2nd Step: from 210V to 227V + 7.5%
3rd Step: from 228V to 253V non-Boost Mode (Shore Supply)

The result is a more balanced power supply, eliminating over-voltages in the range 200/205 Vac and increasing the voltage in the range 205/227 Vac.

9 Kva and 18 Kva these ANG Iso-Boost has the same features of the US version, but suitable for European boats.

Aluminum Construction, Antirust.



This chart shows the output voltage curve secured by ANG-BOOST™ compared to the Shore Voltage.

ANG ISO-BOOST™ covers a wide voltage range gradually increasing the output voltage.

ANG ISO-BOOST™ is designed to power the boat from a nominal voltage of 120/240 V with three operating thresholds:

Shore Voltage from 178 to 209 V (+/- 3V): output voltage from 210 to 240 V (+/- 3V)
Shore Voltage from 210 to 227 V (+/- 3V): output voltage from 224 to 242 V (+/- 3V)
Shore Voltage from 228 to 253 V (+/- 3V): output voltage from 228 to 253 V (+/- 3V)
If the input voltage is less than 178V or higher than 253V, the output is deactivated.

ANG ISO-BOOST™ guarantees the maximum output current even in boost mode.


The display panel, show a rotation of a series of information every 5 seconds:

1st screen: V LINE (Input Voltage) & POWER = KW

2nd screen: CURRENT (Input AMP) & FREQUENCY (Input/output frequency)

3rd screen: OUTPUT (output Voltage Rms)

OVER TEMPERATURE: RED LED LIGHT – Thermal protection automatically shuts down the system until the temperature returns to a safe operating level.

LOW VOLTAGE: SOLID RED LED LIGHT Shore input Voltage below 178VAC, the system shuts down to protect the boat’s electrical equipment.

HIGH VOLTAGE: FLASHING RED LED LIGHT – Shore Input Voltage over 253VAC, the system shuts down to protect the boat’s electrical equipment.

BY-PASS: RED LED LIGHT – Manual By-Pass ON, NON-Boost Mode, Boat Voltage equals Shore Voltage, Isolation Protection ON.

POWER: GREEN LED LIGHT – Non-Boost mode, Boat Voltage equals Shore Voltage.





12.5Kva – 15Kva -18Kva – 20Kva

25Kva – 30Kva

Technical data sheet

Easy to Install

The ANG-BOOST is provided with input and output cable glands, conveniently located in the back of the unit.