ANG Convenience Converters™ for the Onboard Wall Sockets

ANG Secondary Converters for onboard wall sockets

ANG OUTLET SHORE POWER (CONVENIENCE) CONVERTERS are specifically designed for power conversion needs of your yacht’s interior wall sockets. They are available in a wide range of power and in single and three phase versions. These secondary frequency converters are installed on board and used to power equipments that have different voltage and frequency requirements than the yacht’s electrical system can provide.

This could include a European 230V/50Hz power supply for US yacht cabins or a US 120V/60Hz power supply for European yachts. Additionally, they offer added flexibility to utilize locally sourced appliances, as well as power specialized gear like tenders and other pieces of equipment that need an alternate supply source.

Sockets Power Conversion Made Easy

Continuous and Automatic Operation

– Output Power Guaranteed
– Virtually Silent (20Dba Operation)
– Clean Sinusoidal Output (<1%)
– No Interference with Sensitive Equipment
– Auto Restart
– Tropicalization Circuits
– Forced Cooling

From 3Kva to 15Kva

INPUT 240V 60HZ 1PH / 230V 50HZ 1PH / 380V 50HZ 3PH

OUTPUT 230V 50HZ 1PH / 120V 60HZ 1PH / 120V 60HZ 1PH


Single Phase & Three Phase Convenience Converters -Technical data sheet